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Backflow Installation

Backflow installation salt lake city

   Backflow Salt Lake is your go to source for professional installation of all of your backflow needs. Assure your water source is protected and in turn you are making sure your family is protected.

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  There are criteria that must be met when installing your back flow device. All assemblies are required to be tested within 10 days of installation. Backflow Salt Lake takes care of this for you. 

   Below are examples of improperly installed Backflows. Make sure its done right the first time. Remember the first people affected by a bad, broken or improperly installed backflow is you.

Improper installation of a backflowPVB improperly installed

Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Assembly (RPA), far left is required to be installed with the relief port straight down and the assembly twelve inches above the flood plain. This device is mounted sideways and below ground level. Installing this device improperly creates many problems for the owner.

Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) the picture to the right also has to be mounted twelve inches above the flood plain.   


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