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Sep 28

How to winterize your backflow assembly.

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September 28, 2013

Step one. Make sure the source is off and drained, there should be a low point on the supply side to drain the water out of.

Step two. The shut off valves, one before and one after the assembly shut remain open. The test cocks, they are the ¼” valves on the assembly should be opened and any bug caps or plugs removed. If you do not open the test cocks and insure that air can travel through them the device may not drain properly. There are one to four test cocks on a backflow device. Two or four is most common.

Step three. Open a drain on the downstream side of the backflow assembly to drain the other half of the backflow.

WARNING: Do not use the test cocks to hook compressed air to your system. The air creates heat and the heat will melt the plastic parts inside the backflow.

It is not necessary to remove the backflow preventer during freezing temperatures, if drained before the cold weather hits and drained properly it will be just fine. Removing the backflow and putting it in a cold place is of no value.  I leave the drains open until the spring turn on, however if you prefer you can close them after you are sure the water is out go for it. 

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