Why backflow prevention is a good idea.

If you wonder why you are required to have a backflow prevention device or two or more, you are not alone. The majority of people do not understand the importance of proper backflow prevention.

There are many ways to contaminate the water source from your home or business during the normal operation of using water from a public supply. Most meters will flow in and out unless a backflow device is added to the meter. If the water pressure in your home or business exceeds the pressure in the public water system the water can flow back into the public system.

Let’s say you have been running a hose to a swimming pool that has a normal amount of chemicals in it and the water supply pressure reduces because of a higher than normal use, say a fire hydrant being opened or water main break. This could easily cause back-siphoning draining the entire pool into the water system unless a backflow device is in place.

There are many types of backflow preventers, some work without any testing or maintenance necessary. Others need regular testing and maintenance to ensure that they work properly.

The type and model of backflow preventer is determined by the hazard to be protected. Health, nuisance and so on.

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