We can repair and test any type or size of backflow device. If the backflow device has been damaged by freezing it may not be repairable.

Backflow Maintenance And Repair

Backflow assembles are mechanical devices and have springs, seals, rubber, O-rings and moving parts. The device should be tested and maintained yearly or more often if conditions require to insure that it works properly.

backflow AssembleyThe maintenance of your backflow is extremely important! The biggest problems we see with the backflow assemblies is freeze damage. Therefore, Backflow assemblies must be winterized properly in time to prevent damage. Furthermore, wear and tear over time can be caused by little rocks and sand that get into your assembly making them ineffective.

Our trained technicians can repair all kinds of backflow systems, including Irrigation, fire and municipal systems. We understand that it is critical to have your system back up and running as soon as possible. so don’t wait, and call us today!

For more information or to schedule a repair please give us a call at 801-214-9625

Types of Assemblies:

Reduced Pressure Assembly:

Reduced Pressure backflow assemblies have the highest degree of protection. Therefore, it is this type of assembly that is required when there is any cross contamination with the culinary (city) water supply.

The Valve Dump valve on the assembly will discharge if the pressure of the system becomes higher than allowed compared to the source pressure.

This device by design reduces pressure by an average of 25%.

Pressure Vacuum Breaker:

In the right conditions, this device is a good alternative to the more expensive reduced pressure principle assembly.

There is little pressure loss and is simple to maintain.

Double Check Assembly:

Due to updates in the laws these assemblies are no longer allowed on new systems. As a result, if they cannot be repaired, they must be replaced with either a pressure vacuum breaker or a reduced pressure assembly.

Check Valve:

Check valves do not have testing shut-offs. As a result, check valves are no longer approved.

Vacuum Breaker

This simple little know device does not need to be tested, it is self-draining and almost trouble free.

The vacuum breaker does have limitations.

  • It has to be a minimum of 6″ higher than anything that comes after it.
  • Can not have a valve after it.
  • Can not have any back pressure.

Brands Serviced

Watts, Conbraco, Ames, Wilkins, Rainbird, Toro, Apollo, Hunter, Febco, Orbit, ARI, Beeco, Cla-val, Deringer, Flomatic, Hersey and all others.