Backflow Testing

Backflow TestingBackflow test – Backflow testing is testing of the backflow equipment on water systems to make sure it is working properly. In the event of municipal system pressure loss it could potentially allow the water from contaminated areas of private systems to flow back into the municipal water supply creating a toxic situation. The  Maintenance of Backflows are Critical to Safe (Potable) Drinking Water Systems. We are dedicated to the professional inspection of your backflow preventer valves. We test annually and pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in both customer service as well as our work. Call Us Today! 801-214-9625

By state and federal law all backflow preventer assemblies are to be tested annually by an authorized tester. Some water departments want the testing done at the start of the watering season for lawn irrigation systems. The testing is quick and the water must be on to the assembly to perform the test. The water will not be available to the sprinkler system during a portion of the test.

What Are The Benefits of an Annual Backflow Test?

Even for those who already have prevention assemblies installed, backflow is still an ever-present danger. Every property owner must do what they can to prevent backflow. It is important to have both a backflow preventer installed and an annual test by a qualified professional. There is no telling when a prevention device might break down or wear out allowing backflow to ruin your water supply.

Prevention And Annual Testing

The first step to preventing backflow is to install a prevention assembly that suits the hazard level of your plumbing situation. A backflow preventer will work to keep water flowing in the correct direction at all times. However, a prevention assembly can unexpectedly break and parts can wear out because of time and weather. This is why annual tests are so beneficial to property owners. Getting a test every year can help you to identify any problems with your backflow preventer and they can be resolved on the spot by a professional. Without an annual test you could be completely unaware of the issues with your backflow preventer. If a broken backflow prevention assembly goes unnoticed then contaminants can slowly enter the water supply. An annual test will keep your mind at ease and keep everyone safe so that backflow is never an issue.