Backflow Winterizing

It is very important to winterize your backflow. Unfortunately, The most common problem we see with backflows is freeze damage. Make sure your backflow is protected against the harsh winter environment. With our winterization services, you can rest assured that you are protected. Above all, Winterizing can save you time and money in the long run.

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Q: When should I winterize?

A: Here in Salt Lake Valley we recommend to start protecting your backflow from freezing between October 1st and November 15th when temperatures start dipping below the freezing mark.

Sprinkler Systems:
Winter freezes can be highly damaging to a sprinkler system that isn’t “winterized.” Winterization of a system includes draining all water from the exterior pipes of your home. If water is left to freeze, it expands inside the system components, which causes cracks in the valves and pipelines. Pipe damage can lead to leaks outside and inside the home, not to mention a hefty repair bill. Therefore, The backflow preventer unit is an important piece, which stops water from flowing back into the main water supply from outside. Before winter approaches, you’ll want to protect your backflow preventer from harsh freezes by draining it.