A1 Backflow – Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I contact you?

Call us, we answer our phone. 801-214-9625   

or send us a message HERE

or 24/7 Schedule Repair a1spr.com

What are your hours?

We can test 24 hrs. a day by appointment. Our hours vary by season 7 AM – 7 PM.

What is a backflow device?

A mechanical device to prevent reverse water flow. The device when working properly will prevent the possible contamination of a water supply.

Why do I need to test the device?

It is required by the manufacturer to maintain the integrity of the device.

Who enforces the testing?

The water supplier is responsible for compliance as well as the water user.

Are there ways around not testing?

Yes, design the use with an air gap. There may be other ways by designing certain uses.

Does A1 Backflow do site surveys?

Yes, we are certified to do site surveys in all 50 states.

Do I need to protect the device from freezing?

Yes, if the device freezes it can cause serious damage to the device and flood the surrounding area. If the device is winterized properly it can withstand freezing temperatures. 

Why does my backflow leak, spit or spill water?

Depending on the type of backflow assembly there may be a number of reasons for the backflow to leak. Send us a picture of the problem and we can usually tell by seeing the type of the device and problem.

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